Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lip Tingle

So, if like me the cold weather is wreaking havoc with the condition of your lips, you should give this product a try:

Blistex Soothing Splash - Liquid Lip Moisturiser

You know that freshness when you have just brushed your teeth? You know the one! Minty fresh! You can get that exact same feeling on your lips from using this product. The minty tingle is a bonus compared to the deep conditioning this product provides. I personally like the fact that it uses a roller ball to apply the liquid as attempting to apply Vaseline from a pot using false nails never ends well.

The best thing about this product is that you can give your lip gloss a rest for a while as the soothing liquid provides a very similar high gloss for your lips whilst keeping them in tip top condition.

Blistex sell a range of other lip care products, I personally have only used this one, however I am sure the others work just as well.


Image taken from Google.
Blistex Soothing Splash- Boots £2.59


  1. I love blistex but I've never tried this one. I always use the Blistex relief cream though. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for this.

    B xxx

  2. Personally prefer strawberry carmex, but when you let me try it today the minty feeling was pretty nice really reminded me of that lip scrub I reviewed from The Body Shop - I'll let you use some next time we go out or something!

  3. this sounds intriguing, hadn't heard of this product before! :) xx