Monday, 27 February 2012

Sleek & Famous

On my most recent trip to Superdrug with a few friends (one being a fellow blogger whose link I have posted at the bottom of the page), I wasn't actually looking to buy anything…that idea failed. So I will let you know what I bought and if the products were a good or bad purchase.

Before I do this I will let you all know that after purchasing the products, I tried to find them again on the Superdrug website and they were nowhere to be seen. If you do want to purchase them for yourself I’d recommend going in store to get them.

Firstly I came across a brand called FAMOUS which I had never heard of. I didn’t pay much attention to most of the products; however their lipstick range caught my eye immediately. I am in love with the lipstick packaging first of all. The smooth glossy case is a winner in my eyes. By pulling the tab on the end it releases the lipstick tube from the case. This is a very cute and different idea which I haven’t seen from any other lipstick range before. BONUS points for design! The shade I bought was shade 4- Coral Reef. The lipstick itself comes out a beautiful colour however I am not a fan of the texture. It does have a glossy look which I like, however the texture is very oily and feels more like Vaseline. Oily lipsticks are not made for long wear so if you purchase this product expect to re-apply regularly. If a soft moisturising lipstick is what you are looking for then I would recommend this product.

Another makeup brand which I have never purchased from was Sleek. I must say that I wanted to purchase every single product in every single colour. This range definitely got me excited! I purchased a lipstick in shade 771- Baby Doll Sheen. It is a very small tube so you don’t get that much but the colour and ease of application makes up for it. However, once again, I found the lipstick a tad too oily for my preference, but…WHO CARES when the colour looks this good. There was a colour for everyone within this lipstick range, and limiting myself to buying just one was extremely difficult.

Once I had left the store I couldn’t help thinking about the blusher range “Sleek- Blush By 3” so I had to go back! The colours were beautiful and you get 3 shades in one case with an option of Pumpkin, Flame, Lace & Pink Spirit. Check out the website to see the options. ( I will post a link at the bottom of the page). I purchased the product in Pumpkin. The case is very cute, lightweight and has a handy mirror inside. The colours range from matte and shimmer and have intense pigment. I LOVE the colours and try to use them sparingly so that the result is not too bright; however application of the product is slightly difficult. As it is so highly pigmented the colours are difficult to blend and can result in a patchy colour. However, I am using a basic cheap blusher brush; I feel that if I invested in a higher quality tool it would make application a lot easier.

(This palette is only available in Superdrug for a limited time).

FAMOUS lipstick- Superdrug- £4
Sleek True Colour lipstick- Superdrug- £3.99
Sleek Blush By 3- Superdrug –£9.99


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