Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lip Tingle

So, if like me the cold weather is wreaking havoc with the condition of your lips, you should give this product a try:

Blistex Soothing Splash - Liquid Lip Moisturiser

You know that freshness when you have just brushed your teeth? You know the one! Minty fresh! You can get that exact same feeling on your lips from using this product. The minty tingle is a bonus compared to the deep conditioning this product provides. I personally like the fact that it uses a roller ball to apply the liquid as attempting to apply Vaseline from a pot using false nails never ends well.

The best thing about this product is that you can give your lip gloss a rest for a while as the soothing liquid provides a very similar high gloss for your lips whilst keeping them in tip top condition.

Blistex sell a range of other lip care products, I personally have only used this one, however I am sure the others work just as well.


Image taken from Google.
Blistex Soothing Splash- Boots £2.59

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sleek & Famous

On my most recent trip to Superdrug with a few friends (one being a fellow blogger whose link I have posted at the bottom of the page), I wasn't actually looking to buy anything…that idea failed. So I will let you know what I bought and if the products were a good or bad purchase.

Before I do this I will let you all know that after purchasing the products, I tried to find them again on the Superdrug website and they were nowhere to be seen. If you do want to purchase them for yourself I’d recommend going in store to get them.

Firstly I came across a brand called FAMOUS which I had never heard of. I didn’t pay much attention to most of the products; however their lipstick range caught my eye immediately. I am in love with the lipstick packaging first of all. The smooth glossy case is a winner in my eyes. By pulling the tab on the end it releases the lipstick tube from the case. This is a very cute and different idea which I haven’t seen from any other lipstick range before. BONUS points for design! The shade I bought was shade 4- Coral Reef. The lipstick itself comes out a beautiful colour however I am not a fan of the texture. It does have a glossy look which I like, however the texture is very oily and feels more like Vaseline. Oily lipsticks are not made for long wear so if you purchase this product expect to re-apply regularly. If a soft moisturising lipstick is what you are looking for then I would recommend this product.

Another makeup brand which I have never purchased from was Sleek. I must say that I wanted to purchase every single product in every single colour. This range definitely got me excited! I purchased a lipstick in shade 771- Baby Doll Sheen. It is a very small tube so you don’t get that much but the colour and ease of application makes up for it. However, once again, I found the lipstick a tad too oily for my preference, but…WHO CARES when the colour looks this good. There was a colour for everyone within this lipstick range, and limiting myself to buying just one was extremely difficult.

Once I had left the store I couldn’t help thinking about the blusher range “Sleek- Blush By 3” so I had to go back! The colours were beautiful and you get 3 shades in one case with an option of Pumpkin, Flame, Lace & Pink Spirit. Check out the website to see the options. ( I will post a link at the bottom of the page). I purchased the product in Pumpkin. The case is very cute, lightweight and has a handy mirror inside. The colours range from matte and shimmer and have intense pigment. I LOVE the colours and try to use them sparingly so that the result is not too bright; however application of the product is slightly difficult. As it is so highly pigmented the colours are difficult to blend and can result in a patchy colour. However, I am using a basic cheap blusher brush; I feel that if I invested in a higher quality tool it would make application a lot easier.

(This palette is only available in Superdrug for a limited time).

FAMOUS lipstick- Superdrug- £4
Sleek True Colour lipstick- Superdrug- £3.99
Sleek Blush By 3- Superdrug –£9.99

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Just a quick blog post today!

My obsession with nail design is never ending. I had my nails done yesterday and now have my favourite design yet! Take a look:

What are some of your favourite nail designs?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Cute Blog Award...

SO EXCITED to have received a Cute Blog Award from a fellow blogger at

I love reading Becca’s blogs about her latest Lush cosmetics purchases and hope to continue reading them in the future. Definitely one to watch!

Here are the rules of the award:

*Link back to the person who awarded you*

*Answer the award questions*

*Share something about yourself you have never shared on your blog before*

*Award as many other blogs you think are worthy of this award*

Award Questions

What is your go to make up product?
Such a tough question! I am always chopping and changing the brands I use and the looks I am trying to create, but something which I could not live without is foundation.

Favourite fashion trends of 2012?
I am a HUGE fan of the Aztec trend. I know this is more 2011 but it is still a FAVE!

Favourite Colour?
This may sound a tad silly, but I struggle to know what my favourite colour is. I always feel it depends on what it is that I am buying in that colour, like a top may look better in a particular colour than for example a handbag! Definitely over- think things too much!

What was the last song you listened too?
Boyce Avenue- Every Breath.

Cats or dogs?
I LOVE animals, especially my dog (Man) so I have to say dogs.

Now for something I have never shared on my blog before...
There are quite a few things I haven’t shared yet as my blog is fairly new so I guess I will just tell you all where I work! I work at La Senza.

As part of the rules I have to award Blogs that I feel are worthy and deserve some recognition for their work and here they are:

Friday, 17 February 2012

How to: Big Hair

I personally find it difficult to leave the house if my hair is not…BIG. I naturally have very flat hair which I hate, so I have a routine when perfecting my style every day. I thought I’d share this routine in a step-by-step guide:

Step 1:
The first step to having big hair is to first make sure you have the right tools handy. My top three big hair tools are a large paddle brush, a metal tooth afro comb and of course, hairspray. (I use TRESemme extra hold). Once you have these, you are ready to start.

Firstly, brush through the hair to get rid of any tangles using the paddle brush. You can see from the picture below that my hair is naturally flat and lacking volume…I HATE this. 

Moving on, starting from the top third of your head, take about 5cm strands and begin to back-comb using the paddle brush. Continue to do this on the top layers of your hair (Don’t be afraid to really go for it). As you can see from the picture, when you start to look silly you are half way there.

Step 2:
Next, brush the back-combed hair backwards and begin creating your desired style, do this gently to ensure that volume is not lost, just neaten it up. When this is complete and your hair is looking good you can then hairspray to your heart’s content.

Step 3:
If like me you like to have volume on the bottom of your hair as well as the top you NEED an Afro comb. I only started using one a few months ago when I saw my mum had one. It works wonders! (Particularly if you have hair extensions). Using an Afro comb instead of a regular comb or brush for the bottom layers allows your hair to still have the bounce when you walk, rather than looking stiff and dry. Hold it either under your layers or on the outside, simply move your wrist back and forth, this separates the hair and creates volume from the root. I tend to do this in an upwards gesture as I feel it gives the hair ultimate volume. If you want to spray the bottom of your hair, go right ahead!

I hope this has helped my fellow BIG HAIR lovers out there. Let me know how it turns out!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Animal Print Obsession

From my first blog post about my zebra print duvet set, and my animal print nails in another post, I’m sure you all know by now that I have a bit of an obsession with animal print. I never realised just how much until now. Take a look…

My dog couldn't resist being part of the picture, he blends in well.

My most recent purchase was my leopard print boots from New Look. I am in LOVE with them, even if they are ridiculously painful.

What are some of your best animal print buys?

Bedsheets- B&Q
Cushions- The Range
Cardigan- Topshop
Coat- ASOS
Scarf- River Island
Top- Topshop
Shirt- Primark £10

Purse- River Island
Hairdryer- Boots (Mark Hill)
Robe- Miss Selfridge
Leopard Print Wedge Shoe Boot- New Look £24.99

Monday, 6 February 2012

Face & Lips

Today I decided to go on the hunt for a new (and affordable) foundation. I have very oily skin which can make me appear shiny. I cannot put in to words how much I hate this, but for those of you who suffer with the same thing, I’m sure you know the feeling.

As I was wandering around boots I stumbled upon the 17 collection which I never usually purchase makeup from. To my delight I found Miracle Matte foundation which has all-day shine control and is oil free.  Usually when I hear the word matte, I picture very cakey foundation which makes the skin look dry and dull, but after trying this product out it is brilliant! It is easy to apply (I use my fingers) and gives a full- even coverage.  I have been wearing the product since I got home (shade Honey); I have been out in the pouring rain and in my house with the heating on. I have minimal shine and the product feels fresh and light weight on my skin. Now, I don’t know about you, but I like my foundation to smell good, well, this product doesn’t really smell at all…. Well I guess it’s better than smelling bad, nothing worse than a foundation that smells of plasticine!
If you have oily skin I would recommend this product.

During my shop I was also looking for a lipstick, I wanted something purple or violet as the colours go great with pink rosy cheeks. Anyway, I bought two. Firstly I picked up the Barry M lip paint (Shade 129-147). Everything about the product is disappointing except the colour. Every time I apply the lipstick, the pressure against my lips pushes it back into the tube, so I have to keep twisting it back up. In this minus degree weather, the product which sells itself on the moisture feature is in fact too moist, the stick is very flimsy and I am expecting it to simply break off very soon.
I would not recommend this product.

Next I picked up a Models Own lipstick as the colour jumped out at me as I walked past. Had to have it! The colour (Plum) is beautiful. The colour is intense and has a shimmer of pink in the light to add a bit of sparkle. Admittedly the plastic tube does remind me of fake lipsticks I had when I was little and playing dress-up, but hey, it’s a good product.
I would recommend this product. 

Hope this help’s on your next shopping trip!
Models Own lipstick– £6 pound boots
Barry M lip paint- £4.49
17 Miracle Matte Foundation- £5.99 (Boots promotion £4.99) 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fashion Tights

I am a huge fan of House of Holland and Pretty Polly tights; however, with my nails I find it almost impossible to ever get a second wear out of them. I would almost always tear a hole in them or ladder them which was so frustrating. My favourites were the suspender style tights, but at £10-£12 a pair it began to get expensive. As I was passing through Primark a few months ago, I spotted a range of fashion tights which were almost identical. At an average of £3 a pair, these are now the only tights I buy when trying to glam up an outfit. They have so many designs, but unfortunately they often run low on stock so I recommend buying in bulk. 

Take a look at my purchases:


The pair below was my favourite, but unfortunately I have not seen them in Primark again since I first purchased them a few months ago. I always make sure I have a look for them when I’m in there!

Primark- £3

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I am a HUGE fan of holiday jewellery, mostly because it is individual and nothing like what you get here in England. Over the past two years I have been on holidays to Turkey, during which I purchased some of my favourite rings from the markets and small stores within Bodrum. These are not only my favourite pieces of jewellery, but are also the cheapest as I spent no more than £5 per ring. Hope you like them!

I bought these rings on two separate holidays to Turkey. I was so happy when I found the same ring in a different colour. The marble effect is just beautiful.

The simplicity of the simple green ring sold it to me as the colour in particular looked great with a tan! The two (fake) gold designs are so unique, like no jewellery I have ever seen before, the twists and shapes are so intricate and the colours really work well. I always get compliments when wearing this set.

 The jewellery is not very durable, however, for that price it doesn't need to be!