Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fashion Tights

I am a huge fan of House of Holland and Pretty Polly tights; however, with my nails I find it almost impossible to ever get a second wear out of them. I would almost always tear a hole in them or ladder them which was so frustrating. My favourites were the suspender style tights, but at £10-£12 a pair it began to get expensive. As I was passing through Primark a few months ago, I spotted a range of fashion tights which were almost identical. At an average of £3 a pair, these are now the only tights I buy when trying to glam up an outfit. They have so many designs, but unfortunately they often run low on stock so I recommend buying in bulk. 

Take a look at my purchases:


The pair below was my favourite, but unfortunately I have not seen them in Primark again since I first purchased them a few months ago. I always make sure I have a look for them when I’m in there!

Primark- £3


  1. Thank you! definitely a bargain :) x

  2. I love tights like these as well, bit of a tights-aholic. We have a cheapy shop in our town called bodycare, I'm not sure if they have stores around the UK but in our store they sell Pretty Polly tights including the suspender ones for £6. Defo worth a look.
    B xxx

  3. these tights are gorgeous! i had no idea primark had started making them. such a good pricetag i will definately be on the lookout on my next haul :) great post!