Monday, 6 February 2012

Face & Lips

Today I decided to go on the hunt for a new (and affordable) foundation. I have very oily skin which can make me appear shiny. I cannot put in to words how much I hate this, but for those of you who suffer with the same thing, I’m sure you know the feeling.

As I was wandering around boots I stumbled upon the 17 collection which I never usually purchase makeup from. To my delight I found Miracle Matte foundation which has all-day shine control and is oil free.  Usually when I hear the word matte, I picture very cakey foundation which makes the skin look dry and dull, but after trying this product out it is brilliant! It is easy to apply (I use my fingers) and gives a full- even coverage.  I have been wearing the product since I got home (shade Honey); I have been out in the pouring rain and in my house with the heating on. I have minimal shine and the product feels fresh and light weight on my skin. Now, I don’t know about you, but I like my foundation to smell good, well, this product doesn’t really smell at all…. Well I guess it’s better than smelling bad, nothing worse than a foundation that smells of plasticine!
If you have oily skin I would recommend this product.

During my shop I was also looking for a lipstick, I wanted something purple or violet as the colours go great with pink rosy cheeks. Anyway, I bought two. Firstly I picked up the Barry M lip paint (Shade 129-147). Everything about the product is disappointing except the colour. Every time I apply the lipstick, the pressure against my lips pushes it back into the tube, so I have to keep twisting it back up. In this minus degree weather, the product which sells itself on the moisture feature is in fact too moist, the stick is very flimsy and I am expecting it to simply break off very soon.
I would not recommend this product.

Next I picked up a Models Own lipstick as the colour jumped out at me as I walked past. Had to have it! The colour (Plum) is beautiful. The colour is intense and has a shimmer of pink in the light to add a bit of sparkle. Admittedly the plastic tube does remind me of fake lipsticks I had when I was little and playing dress-up, but hey, it’s a good product.
I would recommend this product. 

Hope this help’s on your next shopping trip!
Models Own lipstick– £6 pound boots
Barry M lip paint- £4.49
17 Miracle Matte Foundation- £5.99 (Boots promotion £4.99) 

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  1. Must try this foundation, I oil like a muvvafucker! I even use primer etc, and it helps but I STILL feel greasy!