Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hair Extensions- Before & After

I have been having a weave done for just over a year now so figured it’s about time I blog about it!

My hair is naturally very thin which makes it difficult to style. Having a weave is possibly the best thing you can do to your hair to have long-lasting volume. Also, it allows me to experiment with different colours without colouring my own hair. I am currently wearing a 20 inch light brown, mixed with a 16 inch dark brown on the top. I love this combination as it gives my hair a warmer colouring.



I wear Remy human hair extensions as they last so much longer than budget ones. Definitely worth the money. The one disadvantage of hair extensions is that they do require maintenance. It is vital that matting is avoided as this makes the hair shed more than usual. As the hair is not receiving the oils and nourishment from the head, a high quality moisture product should be used on a regular basis to keep them looking glossy and healthy. (I will be doing a post about the product I use & swear by very soon). Matting can be avoided by brushing the hair regularly (I like to use an afro comb as well as a brush). When going to sleep the best thing to do is put the hair into a plait to reduce frizz.

I’d love to know about the products you guys like to use on your hair extensions, so leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Your hair looks lovely, the extentions blend so well with your natural hair, also love the curls xx

  2. wow they look great! very pretty :)


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