Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kardashian Kolor by O.P.I Nicole Nail Polish

OMG I am a HUUUUUGE fan of the Kardashian’s, so when I saw that they had their own nail polish range with O.P.I I knew I had to have it.

There is something for everyone in this range, and it isn't a small bottle! Didn’t think it was possible to make this range any cuter?......

Each polish incorporates a Kardashian lady with a quirky twist. Take a look:

At £9 a pop, and being a poor student, I  could only afford to buy one polish. I chose my favourite almost immediately as you can see below:

 (Pictures aren't that great, the varnish was so sparkly it caused a glare!)

I chose this polish (Shade: Rainbow in the s-kylie) as the colourful glitter looks almost holographic, resulting in what looks like a minx finish. I have had so many compliments on this polish and cannot get enough of it. It is easy to apply and quick drying. To get this look I used two coats of polish and a clear top coat. 

If you were to name a polish after yourself, what would it be called?

Nail polish- Asos £9
Some images were taken from Google.


  1. Love it I'm going to buy this when I stop being a poor student (which is hardly ever)


  2. Oh wow, I really want it. You defo chose the best one.

    B xxx

  3. Is it hard to take off.? Usualy the glittery polishes are anoying to take off..

    1. It is AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to get off, literally took me over an hour! x