Saturday, 31 March 2012

Caviar Manicure Anyone?

NO... I am not talking about the stuff rich people eat (massive eugh). I am always seeking out the latest nail trends, mainly because I love nail design and I love spending money. Anyway, I have recently come across a 3D trend which I KNOW is going to take nail design by storm in the near future. NAIL CAVIAR!

Want a nailvarnish that looks good enough to eat? One that looks just like an iced doughnut covered in hundreds & thousands? too! The textured top coat is a new innovation from Ciaté which is a famous UK brand.

The new 3D pears are available in 3 colours:

Multi Coloured



The product is already sold out... BOOOOO! I will get my hands on some ASAP. I am struggling to choose which colour is my favourite so I think I will have to buy them all.

To Remove: Easily comes off with regular nail polish remover.
Full Directions can be found inside packaging.
Caviar Pearls- £18 by Ciaté 
Images taken from Google
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  1. I saw these advertised in a magazine last week & was lusting after it straight away! I can't wait buy it!

    Feel free to stop by & enter my blog give away also!

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

  2. Wantwantwant! Can't wait to try this out! xxo

  3. This is amazing!! I'm going to have to get this!!

    Kirsti xx

  4. AMAZING, I want this so bad!

    1. Me too! but it is sooo expensive and there is a waiting list! boo! I WILL get some! :D x

  5. actually need to get on the waiting list for this, so cool!! Wonder if there is a DIY version with little beads lol Great blog.