Monday, 16 January 2012

Safari Search

Welcome to my first ever blog!

Like many ladies around the world, I have an eye for animal print.  Animal print shoes, clothes, bags, purses, décor, you name it, I either want it or own it!
My newest endeavour was to find a zebra print duvet set for my bedroom, as with my one red “show wall” the colour clash would be intense. I searched all over the internet to find some (I have a double bed with king-size duvet) but unless you have a single bed or live in America it appears you’re pretty much out of luck.
So why is it that the UK is missing out on the animal print décor market? We are exciting…we are adventurous…and we are feisty. I plea to retailers, let us express our wild side!

One retailer came through like my very own knight in shining armour and whisked me off to the duvet of my dreams.

Kingsize Zebra Print Duvet:  B&Q- £24.98

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