Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fake Bake vs. ST. MORIZ

As a girl who likes to be bronzed all year round, I've used my fair share of tanning products, ranging from wipes, gels, sprays and foams.

With Fake Bake being such a big brand you would think the product would match the name…it didn’t. The Fake Bake spray (Beyond Bronze-Airbrush Self-Tanner) was disappointing to say the least. Although the scent was somewhat refreshing, the actual tan was not. The colour did not come out as dark as I expected and pretty much disappeared after 1-2 days. If like me you like to tan your whole body DO NOT purchase this product, expect an empty can in a matter of weeks, it may look big but it does not last two minutes. (I tan 1-2 times a week).

A tanning product which a friend recommended to me was the ST.MORIZ instant self-tanning mousse (I use shade: dark). I thought, being so cheap the end result would be disastrous. To date, this product is the best I have used. It smells like soap and comes out nice and dark. I usually put it on before I go to bed, and then wash it off the next morning. You can see the excess tan wash off leaving you with beautiful bronzed skin. I do recommend using a tanning mitt as the product dries almost immediately, meaning you do have to be quick when rubbing it in.

Here are some pictures of me (right) and a friend on some nights out in Southampton. Thank you ST. MORIZ for my tan!

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush Self Tanner 210 ml- £20.49 from Boots or £13.99 from Amazon

ST. MORIZ Instant Self-Tanning Mousse 200 ml- £2.99 from Amazon

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  1. as you've seen from my post i absolutely love st moriz and the effect it has. it just goes to show that just because something's more expensive and the brand name is more widely known, doesn't mean that it's a better product. i've got fake bake lotion to try soon but for now i'm really happy with st moriz mist but i definitely want to try the mousse! it looks gorgeous on you!